I’m Ron and I currently work as an IT Database Operations Manager. I love technology and high-tech gadgets, but I really love being a snarky bastard – this is my playground for us to have fun.


What will you blog about?

Just about anything, but mostly tech related topics, IT industry, gadgets, productivity, my life, and why most people are stupid. Remember, common sense is not just a band from Southern California.

A warning about my writing…I am fluent in 2 languages – English and Vulgarity, and I use both very well. If you don’t like F-Bombs or other salty language, might I suggest something a little more sophisticated .


Opinions and Stories

The opinions and stories on this site are mine. They do no reflect my employer, my wife, my friends, or any other human on this planet. Any story I tell is mostly true, sometimes exaggerated, and you should not think that I’m referring to any one person directly. If I write about a specific person or persons, I obtain consent beforehand.


Copyrights – what you can and cannot do

Let’s keep this simple – all the shit that’s on this site is my shit. If it was your shit, it would be on your site.

You can use my shit (copy, transmit, etc.) with some conditions:

  • If you use my shit please link back to the site – it’s where the original shit resides.
  • Don’t use my shit for commercial purposes – unless you contact me first to discuss my shit.
  • Don’t alter, mangle, change, rearrange, or transform my shit without my permission – I’m pretty reasonable once you get to know me.


The legalese is in the link below and at the bottom of every page – if you like to read that kind of shit.


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