Wait…What are you doing?

Overheard last week in the grocery store – the names have been changed to protect the stupid:

some_guy1: “What’s up dude? Haven’t seen you in a while – what are you up to?”

some_guy2: “Not much, this and that…I started a new blog.”

some_guy1: “A blog? What the hell do you know about blogging?”

some_guy2: “Nothing – but I’m going to put some ads on the site to generate cash. I have to find a way to pay for my DUI.”


Some of you will react as above with “What do you know about blogging?” Nothing, that’s why I started this blog–to learn and have fun! A lot of people start a blog to find their voice. I already have a voice, I just want more people to hear my bitching and complaining.

I see tons of stupid shit all day: at work, in public, and online. My wife thinks I’m watching porn, but I’m actually reading blogs–about porn!

<WHEELER – get to the point!!>

So I thought to myself – I could probably do this. I’m a techie, gadget, software, gaming, dorky kinda guy who has a tilted sense of humor–and nothing but contempt for stupidity and anything lacking common sense. That’s what I’ll write about – with a mixture of anger, denial, and childish behavior.

There’s still some dust and clutter from the initial setup, so you might see some minor changes in the coming weeks.

So…get in, sit down, and buckle up. Let’s see how far I get without brakes. 


  1. Comment by Suzanne Coleman:

    I can’t wait to read more! Hope I’m never in a position to be subject matter.

  2. Comment by Ron Wheeler:

    If you are, I’ll change your name to “That crazy chick two streets over”

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